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Using our global in-house approach, you can hire your next developer or build an in-house remote team with the top 5% of passionate talent

More than hiring - we de-risk global recruitment and empower thriving in-house remote teams that have buy-in of your company vision.



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Global recruitment for engineers by engineers.

To bring fast-growing companies elite engineering talent, PICWA hires across USA, NZ and India, with premium campuses in select tech hubs and end-end recruiting and talent management services to deliver and retain top talent.

The future is global. Get there faster.


Hire in multiple markets.

Different talent markets have different strengths. To better match your talent to your needs, we provide the tools and support that make it easy to find and grow successful teams – cutting down on piecemeal approaches that reduce team effectiveness.


Be remote ready.

Enter new markets with no need for office space or infrastructure. PICWA will have your new hires ready on day one with the tools and hardware they need to do their best work. We’re here every step of the way to make sure their workspaces and equipment are set up to keep them happy, healthy, and productive.


"They have incredible technical aptitude, are great project managers and are world-class at communicating."


- Michael Bennett

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We were struggling to find suitable developers and also had fast-approaching deadlines. I couldn't juggle recruitment or knew how to tap into global talent. I reached out to PICWA and we set an ambitious target of procuring 11 Senior Engineers within a month and to our surprise we had candidates within a week and the hiring process completed within another. PICWA felt like an in-house talent acquisition team and worked closely with us to find the right fit. The engineers adapted to our timezone, which made collaboration easy. Fast forward 4 years and we're still working with the same team PICWA provided and have no idea how we'd operate without them.

Spencer Kelleher

CEO | TerriTool


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